Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Another Night of Normality

February 10, 2016
So it happened again...  I forgot to do a basic task that I should have remembered and went straight home.
I keep forgetting how much my babies eat.  Formula isn't cheap but we have been getting help from my parents so it is working out.  I don't take the help for granted and for every time we receive help I am working to make sure that a little of the money we save is being put away.

Well we ended up at the Chinese buffet again.  I think it was because of the Lunar new year.  Just the facebook posts of people enjoying grandiose meals we felt just a little left out.  It was a fun dinner and Breanna was just cuter than a button.  Can that be even possible.  Who gave the standard of a button being the base line being cute.  Off topic again.

Brian From the Future: Aug 1, 2018
These should have been Twitter posts... LOL.  It is also funny how I ended up saying I am saving money and now I am at a Chinese buffet...  This is how I got fat #ChineseBuffet.  I just started to learn how to use twitter at the beginning of this year properly... I think.  It is fun commenting on these old posts.  Also there were about two more paragraphs talking about work so obviously that need to be edited out.  Well onto the next one!

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