Sunday, 9 September 2012

Break Dance and a Blank Canvas

It is actually 3:40 Am...  why am I awake?  Well it is because I just finished my edit of my newest vlog.  Added some picture in picture put a little comedy into it and I think a good all around video.  Change is good.  I spent this Saturday watching the HGTV while mixing the cover song I do every Saturday.  It was a labour of love.  The song that I covered was Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan.  Actually I covered a cover of that song.  The artist who covered it was Adele.  Apparently that song has been covered by many different musicians.  From Billy Joel to Garth Brooks and Kelly Clarkson even.
I am very impressed at how many covered this song.  I think it is a learning for them.  Such a well written song and what a wonderful way to tell someone you care about them...  Or make them feel uncomfortable.  Love songs are easily written some are contrived some are just plain sweet.  I myself have yet to write a love song.  I think I am still looking for the right words or the right melody.  One of these days I will hunker down and write something that everyone can sing to the ones they love.  For now I am still in search for those words.
On today's video I spoke about a painting that I own.  It is quite an inspiring painting.  It combines the love of music and dance into the art form of paint.  The break dancers who thought of it were brilliant.  They painted this piece of blank white canvas red, wrapped around particle board and with paint brushes in hand danced to their harts content.  As I look at it I wonder at what song was playing while they created this piece of art.  What were their moods.  How were they feeling that day that made them move the way they moved. Their souls have been captured in time on canvas.  Not with a single brush stroke with a finely trained hand but with the dedication to their dance and every single movement of their body.  Break dancers inspire me.  I am not the best dancer in the world but from time to time I express my self with dance.
I tried long ago to learn how to break dance.  I picked up a few moves here and there.  Nothing serious.  I just wanted to experience and feel the music as they did.  I knew my limits and I appreciate to this days all the B-Boys and B-Girls out there still dancing.  Breaking the rules but living their lives as they want to live.

This is the video about the Canvas

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