Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Technology is Amazing

I have always been fascinated by computers.  I enjoy the games and the activities that have been available because of computers.  Being able to speak to people across great distance by Skype is absolutely amazing.  I only dreamed of these types of technologies would happen a hundred years later as in Star Trek times.  But now it is a reality.  I post up YouTube videos and post blogs and have many different people across the world look at and even enjoy the content I create.
When I was studying web design in school, I never thought that web templates would hold water.  But human ingenuity has created such websites that I use on a daily basis.  I have a Facebook,YouTube, Blogger and all I have to do is update that content.  The internet is so much more accessible these days.  Even my 92 year old grandmother uses face time.
I can't imagine what my grandmother is experiencing.  She was born in 1920 in a rural part of the Philippines.  From dirt roads and teaching on a black board now she see's her family halfway across the world and has a regular conversation with us on her iPhone.  From what she has seen in the movies is the reality that the whole world lives in every day.
How would we use these new found powers?  The ability to share ones insight on a topic just by a swift stroke of the keyboard and gentle click of a mouse is mind boggling.  Before it was by the word of mouth how things got popular.  Broadcasting on television and advertisements were shown to the masses.  Now one quick Tweet and then millions of people are in the know.  Not even a second can pass and thousands upon thousands of people will know how a celebrity feels at that instant.  Is all this relevant?  I think so.  In a time where some people don't have human contact.  I think it is important.
I am not saying I am a recluse.  I have plenty human interactions every day.  The question is how are the people who don't have that interaction cope?  I believe these types of media is a good way to connect people who can't normally leave their homes.  Express their thoughts with a single tweet.  If used right I think this age we live in can benefit everyone.
Did I make sense in this Post?  Probably Not.  This just the random things in my head that needed to come out.  Consider it a dusting of my brain.  Hope you all have a great night!  Cheers!

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