Friday, 14 September 2012

When I die...I will be uploaded into the internet

As of this post I am 29 years and a month and a half old @ 2:36am.  I decided that for this last year of my twenties that I would do things that I wouldn't normally do.  Things that I have always wanted to do but never had the drive to do because I always made an excuse.  On my Birthday I started to do a Vlog a day for the next 365 days.  A feat that is usually abandoned after the first week.  I so far am a month and a half into it.  I missed a couple of days due to illness and laziness... but I am still going strong to make sure I have 365 or more Vlog's by the time I turn 30.

I have been contemplating for the last few weeks why I am even doing this.  I don't have millions and millions of viewers and subscribers but yet I still get a video up making sure that at the least is entertaining to my audience(family and friends).  I think I came up with my answer while spacing out at my desk during lunch.  I wanted to leave something for my progeny.  Yes I could leave an heirloom or a picture of me or my estate but in the industry that I work in you realize that life isn't just about things.  Its about leaving a legacy that people in the future can be proud of.

I often wonder if I had a conversation with my father when he was 29 what that would be like.  What was his hopes and dreams.  What were his goals for his family.  Was he even the young man that I imagined him to be.  Now of course I could still ask my father what he was like back when he was at that age but I feel that time and the experiences has changed him.  The way he thinks at this point in time is not the same way he was thinking when he was a young husband and father looking for work around the world.

Right now I record a video a day and I write once every few days when my insomnia starts to kick in.  I will look back at these and laugh at how bad my grammar is.  But what I think is important is that as my children have children and then I move on to the after life I know that I left them something that they can see how I was like when I was 29.  My hopes, my dreams, my aspirations.  Or if none of that is conveyed then at least they get to see what I was like.  How I acted like a fool in front of the camera to show the people of the world that they can have a better day just as long as they have the right attitude.

One day I hope to be uploaded onto the internet before I die.  If the technology is not there before I kick the bucket then at the least I have place a little bit of me online.  I want the people that have descended from me to understand some of the simpler things in life here in 2012.  If I had my way I would make a program that I would be able to download the way my brain works and create a pseudo version of my self so that my great great great grand kids can talk to me and ask questions.  Would they be interested?  Either way I thin kthis train of thought is starting to wane in my brain.  I am hoping one day to complete it (my thought) and have the reason why someone would want to talk to someone who no longer exists.
Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog.  I hope you have a better day!  Cheers!

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